Les Miles to WVU?

It never takes long in the college football world.  Last week a picture surfaced via social media of an LSU airplane at the Morgantown airport.  Fans will be fans and things were heard from Les Miles visiting WVU to LSU courting Dana Holgorsen.  The first obviously makes no sense, but what does out of the maniacal college football fan base?

Snuck into a Dennis Dodd CBSSports.com piece on Texas A&M this afternoon was a mention of three possible destinations for Les Miles.  Per the piece:

“    1. Baylor — Get him an offensive coordinator who can keep up with Big 12 and he’s set. Think              of a possible “trade” that winds up with Briles going to LSU.

  1. West Virginia— The school seemingly doesn’t want Dana Holgorsen there. Holgorsen may not want to be there. You think Les Miles wouldn’t upgrade recruiting?
  2. Penn State— Returning to his Big Ten roots, Les would be able to profit just as NCAA hangover is ending.”

Les Miles is a good coach, let’s not kid ourselves.  Prior to struggles over the  last couple of seasons, Miles was considered one of the top coaches in the nation.  Many still hold the “Mad Hatter” in that regard.  He’s great for a sound bite.  We would be a great ambassador for West Virginia University.  He seems like a nice enough guy.

However, would it even be a fit for WVU?  His inability to adapt his offense is what ultimately cost him and Cam Cameron their jobs.  Mountaineer fans have been there and done that.  Third and long, Don Nehlen runs the draw.  Rich Rodriguez showed an inability to adjust in-game if his system wasn’t working (see: Backyard Brawl 2007).  Bill Stewart…all I need to say is Jeff Mullen.  Dana Holgorsen has also shown an inability to adjust during games that his offense just isn’t clicking.  What makes us believe the fifth time would be the charm?  This is the Big XII.  A team must score, and score a lot.

Miles attempted to fit round pegs into square holes at many positions, including quarterback.  During the height of Miles’ success at LSU he had some of the best defensive lines in the country.  That has been lacking recently.

Looking at all WVU head coaching hires back to Nehlen, there was an element of the unknown.  The men had not been head coaches at the highest level of college football.  Maybe they could make it happen.

We have seen Les Miles coach at the highest levels and even win the National Championship in 2007.  We know what he is.  However this is a “what have you done lately?” business (see also: Charlie Strong, James Franklin) and recently we have seen what Les Miles may no longer be.

Is this a route that WVU and its fans want to go?


Featured Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images, via slate.com

A fine for winning by too much? C’mon, man…


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