My Top 25 – October 23, 2016

To be honest, I think that I have a much better idea what is happening in college football than most of those that vote in the polls.  This is my top-25.  Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on how dumb I am.

NOTE:  This is a top-25 poll.  It is who I think is best at this time.  No projection.  No prediction on who will make the college football playoff.

1.) Alabama – If you think any other team is the best team in college football, please stop opening your mouth about college football. For my money, the team is so good that I thought they would beat Texas A&M much more handily. The Crimson Tide is college football’s “evil empire.”
2.) Clemson – After Alabama, there is no clear-cut order of teams. I don’t like the narrative that Clemson “finds a way to win” over lesser opponents. My ranking of them at number two is as much an indictment of other teams as much as anything else. I would not be shocked to see them lose one of their next three games (Florida State, Syracuse, Pitt).
3.) Michigan – Most of their wins are against “garbage” teams. Wins over Colorado and Wisconsin are enough to justify this spot, in spite of an otherwise weak schedule.
4.) Washington – Many were singing the Huskies’ praises before the season started. I didn’t buy it. After dismantling Stanford and Oregon, I have to buy in for now. The Huskies should finish the season with no more than two losses. The two losses may come in the next three games against Utah, Cal and USC.
5.) Ohio State – Regardless of the loss at Penn State, I would take the Buckeyes to defeat any of the teams that I have ranked below them. I’d probably take them to beat three of the teams I have ranked ahead of them. So, there’s that.
6.) Auburn – Go ahead. Tell me I’m wrong. I don’t care. Right now I would take Auburn to defeat both teams (Clemson and Texas A&M) that have beaten them. Rhett Lashlee has the offense clicking. The defense allows just 14.1 points a game and other than A&M’s 20 points again, the most scored on them was Clemson’s 19. The Iron Bowl is going to be a battle this season.
7.) Wisconsin – Their losses are to two top teams (Ohio State and Michigan) and they lost by just seven in each game. Saturday’s game will tell us a lot when they travel to…
8) Nebraska – This ranking is probably a stretch. They are undefeated but nothing there screams “Wow, these boys are good!” I see Wisconsin easily handling the Cornhuskers on Saturday.
9.) West Virginia – The only team that plays quality defense in the Big 12. Consecutive impressive showings against Texas Tech and TCU have me believing much more in this team than I did two weeks ago. I don’t know what it is, but there’s an uneasy feeling I have about the team. Currently, they should likely be favorites in all games the rest of the season with the exception of Oklahoma. However, the Sooners gave up 59 last night to a Texas Tech squad that WVU held to 17.
10.) Oklahoma – The Sooners have two losses, but both were out of conference and the Sooners have as good of a shot at running the table as West Virginia or Baylor.
11.) Baylor – They are undefeated but I am far from impressed with their wins over Oklahoma State and Iowa State. If they suffer any significant injuries, it could all fall apart for the Bears.
12.) Louisville – I don’t know that they lose another regular season game. An out-of-conference contest with Houston is the toughest challenge remaining. I’m just not buying all the hype.
13.) Texas A&M
14.) LSU
15.) Utah
16.) Colorado
17.) Boise State
18.) Western Michigan
19.) Houston
20.) USC
21.) Florida State
22.) North Carolina
23.) Virginia Tech
24.) Florida
25.) Oklahoma State

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