CFB Week 6 Picks

They aren’t fun to watch like Earl Dibbles Jr’s “Dip “Em and Pick ‘Em,” but below are my picks from this week for the BGS Pick ‘Em contest, plus all Big 12 and Top 25 games.


Ohio State at Maryland – Ohio State
Florida at Tennessee – Tennessee
Texas A&M at Mississippi State – Mississippi State
Virginia Tech at UNC – UNC
UMass at Miami (Ohio) – Miami
Alabama at Ole Miss – Alabama
Oklahoma at TCU – Oklahoma
Navy at Air Force – Navy
Stanford at Notre Dame – Stanford
LSU at Auburn – Auburn
Big 12 Games:
Iowa State at Oklahoma State – OkSt
Baylor at Texas – Baylor
Kansas at West Virginia – West Virginia
Texas Tech at Kansas State – KState
Top 25:
SMU at East Carolina – East Carolina
Wake Forest at Florida State – FSU
Wisconsin at Northwestern – Wisconsin
Vanderbilt at Georgia – UGA
Arizona State at Southern Cal – USC
Nebraska at Michigan State – In a preview of the likely Big 10 Championship game, I take Sparty at home.
Utah at UCLA – UCLA…but a Utah win wouldn’t surprise me.  The Bruins have been rather underwhelming this season.

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